Roses and Demons

There’s a reason roses wear thorns

There’s a reason demons wear horns

There’s a reason why roses are red

There’s a reason why demons are dead

Plucked a dozen roses

From a closet full of demons

A thousand reasons

Roses and demons

Sprout and summon

When I think of you


Feeling sad for no reason

Out of nowhere

Kicking in my head

I love this season

Makes me laugh

When people stress

For no reason

In a Target no less

Got myself a nice pen

A nice journal

But that lingering feeling


I can’t help keep thinking

Why I keep writing

Find the door

See how I’m feeling


It says

Thinking of all the things

That put you here

Musing one by one

Two by two

Destroy insanity

Seemingly so

Not saying anything

But in reality

It says


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