Space Candy

Listen to the waves crash

A ballad most true

Nature never lies

Her message only carried

By the cacophony of

Many insects

The rustling of

Many leaves

The atmosphere remains unspoken

Until you see the morning dew

It’s up to me and you

To decipher it all together

Even if along the ride

We make it all up

Like how clouds breathe slowly

Forming different shapes

Fleeting moments of happiness

Between the sun and the rain

Feel a jolt with every step

As life hums through our veins

In this island of lost love

Waking minutes roll by slowly

That’s what she said.

The Pumpkin and the Cat

In the pumpkin patch

Grew a pumpkin

Shy and small

Crows gathered

From far and wide

Bugs sat idle and hungry

All waiting for

The little pumpkin to grow

Big and tall


In the pumpkin patch

Grew a kitten

Brave and small

Protected from the elements

Raised from birth

By his pumpkin friends

He took it upon himself

To protect them all


Making his rounds

In the pumpkin patch

Once a kitten

Now a cat

He stumbled upon a pumpkin

She startled easily

Don’t be scared, said the cat

I will take care of you

So he did

Swat, pounce, hiss!

All the birds flew away

Swipe, yowl, growl!

All the bugs scattered every way

Now they could play


They sang together under the moon

Learned each other’s birthday

They played jump rope

With all the vines

Even took naps together

They say that in Halloween

If you look closely at the night’s sky

You can still see the pumpkin and the cat

In the pumpkin patch