Climbing trees

Like I know how

But just to get away

If at least for a moment

Let the mulberries fall

Stain the grass red

Up here everything else can wait

Up here I can see the sky better

Up here I can’t drown

In the world’s problems

And I don’t have to face


But climbing up was easier

Than jumping down

And some people can

They aren’t afraid

Of what’s on the other side

But if it’s water

I’m screwed

Because I can’t swim


Dare you to

Walk out

In the heat

On the street

With your soul

Bare your soles

Feel the floor

Grill your feet

Medium rare

Say you don’t care

Feel the wind

Blast your head

Like a turbine

Say you don’t mind

Let me ask then

A truth friend

In one hundred

Degree weather

How can you

Be so cold

Get ahold

Of your feelings

Or lose it all

Believe me

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