Reach for salvation

The night comes faster than you think

Evoke your inner child to come and play

Explore the far reach together

Listen to the child

Nobody ever does

Children grasp the primal better

Than any of us

But no one listens


Are you a lion or a hyena?

Have you come to hunt or play?

Will you toil till the dust spreads

Amounting wealth and dreams

Things and lists

Spent time worrying

Wanting to be rich

People still die that way you know?


Who the hell am I?

Just a man that wants to say

Bless those before us that died

From injustice by men

I regret and ask for forgiveness

Of all lies I committed

From this point forward

I live by Aurelius

If it is not right, do not do it; if it is not true, do no say it


It’s not glittering generalities

Life is too short to live dishonest

Too short to live unhappy

The best way to live a mark in this world

Is by being true

And aren’t those that you remember most that way

If anything try

Anthropos, we’re all human in the end.

Alive or dead

Early Prayer

Dear sun, dear mountains

Dear sky and clouds

I wake with you today

To find myself alive and

for that I am grateful.

No matter what the day

holds in store for me

I am blessed to breathe

The air you give

And with such a good start

How can I not

Seize the day

And avoid this darkness

Show me your love

And find me in peace.

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