Nascent Paranoia


Cracked into the sidewalk

Spread out everywhere

Sunny side down

Dragged under a thick syrup

Of my own sorrow

I can’t breathe

Drowned in my own thoughts

A wind howls in my mind

Orders me to march

Obediently I follow

Unable to contain myself

I feel no remorse

The guilty never do

I wander


Strike rocks against each other

Just to see a spark

Anything that I can follow

Lead me back to reality

To see the leaves fall

To hear my footsteps in an empty hallway

To watch the hawk again

The one with a pigeon

Talons like knives

Preyed on the weak

I prayed for the prey

But somebody has to live



Snap my fingers

Just to show how brief it really is

A stomp on the ground is more like it

Like stepping on a cockroach

Sad but necessary


I feel like I’m being watched

They talk about me I can hear it

The one that’s furthest way

I could harm

One day I will be the cockroach

Under god’s shoe, he says

I know that

Like a cactus knows how to cling onto water


Thirst hits me at the back of my throat

Between my tongue and esophagus

Need reality

Just like that

A taste

But I boarded a plane without a pilot

I don’t ever see it grounded

I only see myself

Cracked into the sidewalk

Spread out everywhere

Sunny side down…