Words By Bobak


Whoever said Death

Was a guy

Must have been joking

Saw her

Make her rounds

I must have been


But it felt so real

She was chewing 5

Trying to quit smoking

She said

It’s been years

Since I talked to


Everyone I meet

Is always dead

Managed a chuckle

Am I? I asked

Not yet

Don’t even know how

You got here

But now that

You’re here

I know you have

A story

And don’t we all

Okay Death

Call me Dee

She said

Dee, listen closely


You ever feel a breeze

After sweating all day

And say goddamn

It’s good to be alive

That feels good

Brush it away

Look at your check

And smile

Bills paid

Family fed

It’s too real

But you dig it

Because your mom

She said

Son when you grow up

Be like your dad

And you said

Hell no

I can do better


Dad stole

From everybody

Money, time


Then threw them

On a plate

Of mom’s food

Smashed them

On the refrigerator

But he meant well

And time goes on

You forgive

Doesn’t a compass

Point full north

It’s like that again

And so it goes

Vonnegut says

He’s with you huh


I remind her

But that’s okay

You do what

You gotta do Dee


So how can I

Do better

Shower, eat, brush

My teeth

And other platitudes

Isn’t that just the same

Stop asking questions

Stop fantasizing

Start doing

That’s what they say Dee

Long ago,

As a kid, I wrapped a towel

Around my neck

Like a cape

And I ran

I ran everywhere

So happy

And if I do that again

All hell breaks loose

So listen


I play nice

Twelve to nine

And like my father

I work hard

At least I think so

Can i do better?

Maybe not

And I start believing it

So then I write

And I drink

And words

Trickle down

And I oh so want

Them to flow

Then burst

Into the air

And let gravity

Pull them back and

Spray my face

So I can shiver

And at least


Something close

To being alive


Before you think

That I am crazy


And try to make sense

Of all this nonsense

Take this giant


Of my face

And stamp it everywhere

You can think of

I want everyone

To know

That I’m not scared

Of you


One Wish

Figured out a way

To forget about you

Doubt I’ll play it out

I’m a coward

Hopeless romantic

Blowing out candles

Every year

Wishing the same thing

But it never happens

Might as well tell you

I wish for you

And to have you

If not one hundred times

Then a million

Spoke these words

To the wind

Let them carry

The message

As they please