The Meeting

The boards creaked

As she walked on the


She was

Not much farther than

The horizon

She wore white

And her hair


As the clouds

Opened up

Like bar swinging doors

To let some light in

And the closer she got

The louder her steps

I held my hand

Close to my chest

To suppress all

The drumming

My heart

Decided to make

So I could listen

A Sunday Morning

Took the tag off my shirt

It itched my back

Scratched it to shreds

The weather is pleasant

I’m surprised last night’s rain

Didn’t destroy the spider’s web

It holds little droplets

Like tiny mirrors

I have an urge to run my

Hand through it and roll it

Like cotton candy

But that spider hurt nobody

Helps with the mosquitoes

And the bad vibes

I’m drinking lemon tea

And it hits the spot

My dog jumps on me

And I pat his head

There’s no way

I’ll let anything

Ruin today

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