Infinite Light

There’s a shadow there

At the bottom of my head

It lingers, mocking me

Doesn’t follow my every move

Dances instead at its own will

I stare it down

Does it stare back?

Or does it live at its own beat

Do I perceive everything wrong


Friendly shadows don’t exist

I followed you

You closed your fist and

I closed mine

You jumped in front of trains

and I followed

Not for love

Not free will

But it was when that light

Infinite and bright

Shined on me

That every shadow

Scattered away

Don’t ask me if I care.

In the Summer

The days melt into each other

The wax accumulates

It piles up enormously

So much- you can dig trenches

Five miles deep

And within them

You can make yourself tunnels

To sleep in

Nice and cool

Wake up when winter comes

If you want.

Don’t worry about mirrors

Or electricity bills, bank statements

None of that

Down there you are god

You can be fat, no shame

You can be skinny

Do whatever you want

And then

When winter comes

You can also stay there

If it’s too cold

Go blind like a mole

Have pretty blue spheres for eyes


Eat, sleep, eat

And so on.

Maybe sing, dance, bump into walls

But at least you’re happy

And that’s all that matters