July 26, 2020

Water seeps out my ears

The room floods as

My mind extends out to reality

My fingers, toes branch out

Break through the soil

Expecting to bear fruit

Find nothing

But sober dreams

Feel a little whoozy

Clean liver

Minus a little sertraline

Just so the boat doesn’t rock

Missing home

And times before


Death wasn’t invited

But came anyway.

As Is

Eat chocolate then brush your teeth- mint chocolate

One time I fell asleep in the bath, lots of bubbles

When I was a boy and they asked,

What you wanna be when you grow up

Should of said, normal

What’s rough on the edges and jolts the bones


The doctors when I was born said I was blue

Still am

Pump some guarana, some caffeine, some b-vitamins

We’re good.

I was born on a Monday, good way to start the week

I guess

I want to run up a hill so fast

I fall back and break something

In my mind, in my head

there’s drawers I lost the key for

I’ll sell them to you

As is.