Climbing trees

Like I know how

But just to get away

If at least for a moment

Let the mulberries fall

Stain the grass red

Up here everything else can wait

Up here I can see the sky better

Up here I can’t drown

In the world’s problems

And I don’t have to face


But climbing up was easier

Than jumping down

And some people can

They aren’t afraid

Of what’s on the other side

But if it’s water

I’m screwed

Because I can’t swim


In the throes of my sleep and my labor

Wonder not why but how shall I ever

Dance to a different melody

Whence one did just fine not too long ago

It’s well bitter now even on days like today

Days that are meant to be celebrated

In a grand splendor of a joyous occasion

Like when one wins a sporting event

I always wanted to practice fencing

Just so I could say touché

But now it tickles my fancy

To say it when it’s not meant to be said

My life feels like a purgatory

I feel like im in a state of suspense

I trust that if I ever have my fate decided

That at least it’s in the best interests of my friends

Of which I have none

Ha ha touché

Perhaps a toast to my only comrades then

To letters and words!

My little soldiers that carry my thoughts

Through the trenches and chambers

Of banal existence

Oh how I wish when I die

To slumber deep and smiling

Even wasted on the capslock


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