Nascent Paranoia

I. Cracked into the sidewalk Spread out everywhere Sunny side down Dragged under a thick syrup Of my own sorrow I can’t breathe Drowned in my own thoughts A wind howls in my mind Orders me to march Obediently I follow Unable to contain myself I feel no remorse The guilty never do I wander… Continue reading Nascent Paranoia

I Will Hold You

Follow my voice- I’m over the fence That’s it, yeah the wooden one Chipped and painted on white Millions of times Without jumping, or climbing over What do you hear? Birds chirping- singing Grasshoppers rubbing their wings Engines zooming by Growling and whining Scratching and huffing Scraping and digging Something is coming your way Hold… Continue reading I Will Hold You

In An Instant

A tear runs Slowly down my cheek I can see it out of the corner of my eye A big fat drop Well drawn I see it clearly Like a water balloon ready to burst Hanging from the faucet As if it was the last drop to fill the glass It holds steady Unwilling to… Continue reading In An Instant


Of all sizes and colors With a halo of light surrounding them With tremendous eyes and big mouths Desperate to absorb the little energy you have left to live That’s what the ghosts that inhabit my mind are like I always try to forget them I occupy my thoughts with creative acts I try to… Continue reading Ghosts

End of Time

The moon, the sun Don’t go anywhere But out of view Out of sight Linger there Same place Of all time Casting shadows Casting light Everywhere But my mind. It takes a while For it to form But there’s a doubt In every yearn That it shouldn’t be so. But whoever keeps the moon Or… Continue reading End of Time

July 26, 2020

Water seeps out my ears The room floods as My mind extends out to reality My fingers, toes branch out Break through the soil Expecting to bear fruit Find nothing But sober dreams Feel a little whoozy Clean liver Minus a little sertraline Just so the boat doesn’t rock Missing home And times before Corona… Continue reading July 26, 2020

In the Summer

The days melt into each other The wax accumulates It piles up enormously So much- you can dig trenches Five miles deep And within them You can make yourself tunnels To sleep in Nice and cool Wake up when winter comes If you want. Don’t worry about mirrors Or electricity bills, bank statements None of… Continue reading In the Summer


The mountains relax and listen As I tell them all about you How you warm my blood And keep my heart beating The wind carries my voice And the coyotes laugh and laugh With the moon Don’t listen to them The mountains say They’ve never been in love The moon hides behind me As the… Continue reading Cold-Blooded


Fascinating, beautiful, mysterious Out of reach Out of touch Yearning for a kiss That isn’t there Walk to the park Pluck dandelions To blow in the wind And not make a wish While the clouds form an odyssey And the sun lights the stage The night drops Like a curtain Right on your head Some… Continue reading Kaleidoscope


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