The Truth Inside

I wanted to tame the city Like a man tames a lion But instead Like a woman Tames a man I was subdued by Its splendor and its beauty Skyscrapers stretched upward Like long silvery legs Pointing to the sky Which hosted no moon Helicopters flew above Like fireflies Lost in the dark Realizing then… Continue Reading →


a path appeared before me light shined right through mountains painted black at the summit a baby goat slept on the edge reminded me of my youth once past it saw the clouds were fake and scaffolds held the mountains tall looked back at the baby goat grown old grown blind its body dispersed before… Continue Reading →


Sadness has overcome Every single broken mind Darkness has consumed Every single shining heart From the moment Time let go It was obvious There was more to show Blood lost Tears spilled Was it you that sang Among the shadows Of sleep Careless and free Rocking your body Back and forth Challenging others To do… Continue Reading →


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