In the jungle The leaves whispered That her soul Was so pure The sun reflected Perfectly Radiating all Throughout Leaving no trace Of shadows behind That her eyes Were like an oasis Life would spring From them And quench A thirst you never Knew you had That her warmth Could melt icebergs The size of … Continue reading “Her”

Past Midnight

It’s crazy As it should Well damn be But I sit here Flipping Through my mind Reaching and Grasping For something new And all I can find Copied and pasted: Your gaze Looking back at me


Come with me To the edge Closer Don’t be afraid Look down What do you see Rain Falling upwards A rainbow Black and white Clouds Built like mountains Mountains Built like clouds Strange it may be But it might Just be heaven Like getting lost In your eyes Smitten by Your laugh Touched by Your … Continue reading “Lost”


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