I.W.Y. Part Three

It was possible. For the most part, Dumpster Dave and Carol were inseparable. They had all the wealth they needed, and neither had to do strenuous work. Dumpster Dave spent his time reading in his library and Carol lounged with him. Or they relaxed by their garden together telling stories. Occasionally though, Carol would use… Continue reading I.W.Y. Part Three

I.W.Y. Part Two

Dumpster Dave could not hear anything through the window. He could see that his wife Carol was singing and knitting an ugly sweater for Christmas. He stared at her, she was so beautiful, she was there. How is this possible? He tried knocking on the crystallized goop glass, nothing. She kept on knitting. He stayed… Continue reading I.W.Y. Part Two

Death Unlit

“Red, I’m dying, I can feel it. I don’t want to die.” “Hang in there Wyatt, I’ll drag you out of here if I have to.” “There’s no way you can survive with me like this.” “I can, I won’t leave you here.” “No Red, stop. Just stop.” “But we’re almost there.” “No, and you… Continue reading Death Unlit

I.W.Y. Part One

Some people know him as Dumpster Dave. He likes to drive in his 85′ Ford F-150 and pick up items from dumpsters he deems still useful. Dumpster Dave lives in an affluent neighborhood brought by his late wife Carol. It used to be a valley, teeming with wildlife and plant life and there were no… Continue reading I.W.Y. Part One


“Well, since we’re walking the whole trail, can we each tell things about ourselves that we don’t know about each other.” “I don’t know about that.” “Come on, don’t be a sour patch kid.” “I’m going to ignore that.” “Fine, I’ll go first. I have this weird thing that when I see bare feet, I… Continue reading Silence

The Offer

Shawn turned off his car. A Nissan Versa rental. He took the keys out of the ignition with a sigh. He re-adjusted his rear-view mirror and saw something in the car behind him that made his eyes open wide. A topless woman was straddling a guy and the car was rocking back and forth. Shawn… Continue reading The Offer


There’s this girl that always brings us treats after school. Yesterday she brought us all ice cream and it was delicious ice cream. But when no one commented on her new haircut, she called every single one of us a poor peasant. She said that we should stop mooching off of her. This wasn’t the… Continue reading Wicked

Seeking Shelter

I don’t remember exactly when it happened. Maybe when I was born. Because when I was born they said a hurricane hit the city like they’ve never seen before. That could have been the first time subconsciously. The real first time I can recall possibly being the first time was when I was in fifth… Continue reading Seeking Shelter


My apartment got broken into. They took everything. They took my TV, they took my jewelry, they even took clothing and shoes and furniture and everything was left a mess. I filed a police report but that’s probably where it will end. I don’t have cameras and I don’t have an alarm or any security… Continue reading Bells


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