La Mort

Once upon a time, A black crow landed at my feet It was able to speak A language I couldn’t understand It spoke very animated I wish I could comprehend What the little bird was trying to say Its voice had the soothing liasion of the French But spoke with the power of the German … Continue reading “La Mort”


“Well, since we’re walking the whole trail, can we each tell things about ourselves that we don’t know about each other.” “I don’t know about that.” “Come on, don’t be a sour patch kid.” “I’m going to ignore that.” “Fine, I’ll go first. I have this weird thing that when I see bare feet, I … Continue reading “Silence”


I sketched her. I sat near the edge of the water. We were in Tulum, by the Gulf of Mexico. She wanted to swim. It was ice cold water so I told her I would just sit and draw. You go ahead, I said. She undressed to her underwear. There was nobody around. Our own … Continue reading “Melancholy”


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