“Well, since we’re walking the whole trail, can we each tell things about ourselves that we don’t know about each other.” “I don’t know about that.” “Come on, don’t be a sour patch kid.” “I’m going to ignore that.” “Fine, I’ll go first. I have this weird thing that when I see bare feet, I … Continue reading “Silence”


I sketched her. I sat near the edge of the water. We were in Tulum, by the Gulf of Mexico. She wanted to swim. It was ice cold water so I told her I would just sit and draw. You go ahead, I said. She undressed to her underwear. There was nobody around. Our own … Continue reading “Melancholy”

Death Unlit

“Red, I’m dying, I can feel it. I don’t want to die.” “Hang in there Wyatt, I’ll drag you out of here if I have to.” “There’s no way you can survive with me like this.” “I can, I won’t leave you here.” “No Red, stop. Just stop.” “But we’re almost there.” “No, and you … Continue reading “Death Unlit”


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