There’s many reasons I would like to start a personal blog and write my thoughts and plans, but the most important reason is that I want to discover more of myself. Here’s a chance to do just that and if I can share that with at least one person and inspire them to do the same I’m happy. If you like my poetry or somehow stumbled on here thank you for reading. -JustBobak


If your mind wanders a lot while you talk to people to the point where they think you’re ignoring them on purpose, does that mean you have adhd? If you can’t sit still, or if everything around you distracts you and your senses are overwhelmed with information that you just forget things, could that be…


I just wrote a very pessimistic poem. Its meaning being youth passing me by. I picture the baby goat white with ghostly white eyes, the mountains completely dark and there’s fire in my mind’s eye and smoke but in the poem it’s all ash, as if an infernal fire swept by the path I thought…

A million things to do and say

Hoping things will go my way

If I think about it every day

Everything will be okay

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