Walked into the house I grew up in.

Instead of tile, grass. flowers.

Mom’s furniture. rotten

Vines cover the light fixtures. Cover everything.

Only sunlight shines

through the windows

Step through the halls, barefoot.

Fresh dew, crushed flowers

The smell- carnations. like the cemetery

where my grandma is buried.

Opened the door to my room. Darkness.

My feet touched sand. Hot sand

Placed one foot on top of the other

in rotations

A desert

Pieces of my old clothing scattered around.

an old desk overfilled with sand.

A wide-open space and

at the end- a canyon.

A window overlooks

on top, a bird. perched, quietly snoozing.

My skin pricked with the heat

felt like ants gnawed my bare skin.

Reached the window and looked out. Darkness.

Swung my legs over and


My arms and legs flailed

Relaxed my body

Clouds and blue dispersed around me.

In the distance,

the bird. awake. following me.

Sand fell with me- and flowers

Shut my eyes

Reached the end. Darkness.

Submerged in water.

Shadows wavering below

Floated above my parents room.

Picture frames, jewelry, and other little things

Sailed around

Held my breath

Water rushed into my nose.

But the water drained

Everything left dripping.

Looked for an exit

Everything was locked.

Crouched on the floor and found it

Under the bed- Darkness.

Crawled in

Landed on a field of stars

Climbed into one

To go back home again.

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