Blue butterflies dangle off crisp fresh leaves

Black armadillos roll under their bellies

Three shooting stars take aim and fire through the sky


Fleeting gossamer, fragile life

Rows of ants march diligently down the stream

Waves of excitement when the torch is lit

Set your goals little man, set your goals

And count to ten

When the shore is broken,

Make a wish- never spoken

One, two, three, four

A baby’s cry is like a spike driven deep

The breath of the wind smells like flowers


Gone now is the past

Gone now is the present

Inferior times

Posterity sweeps all

It’s gone

Big bang

Five, six, seven, eight

Yeah it’s too late

Frogs jump and the Earth shakes

Nine, ten

Chaos seeks comfort

Comfort seeks more

Death arrives at your door

Rainbow flows from its mouth

It spits- volumes of paradise

The road to your soul

Forever more

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