In An Instant

A tear runs

Slowly down my cheek

I can see it out of the corner of my eye

A big fat drop

Well drawn

I see it clearly

Like a water balloon ready to burst

Hanging from the faucet

As if it was the last drop to fill the glass

It holds steady

Unwilling to drop into the abyss

I see it there


Like watching a movie and thinking,

When is something interesting going to happen?

In an instant

It drops

But I was distracted

I can’t believe it

I was too busy trying to see it finally drop that I even forgot why

It formed in the first place

It can’t be

I wanted to see it

Splatter the floor

I can only imagine it now

That big fat drop exploding on the ground

and leaving it’s mark as it disintegrates

Nothing is the same

Many more tears will drop

but not one ever the same

Every second in your life is different

And it won’t repeat.

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