Of all sizes and colors

With a halo of light surrounding them

With tremendous eyes and big mouths

Desperate to absorb the little energy you have left to live

That’s what the ghosts that inhabit my mind are like

I always try to forget them

I occupy my thoughts with creative acts

I try to see them as something that doesn’t exist


Out of nowhere they surge

Like a slow breeze that hits your face in the middle of a forest

Somber and dark

That breeze that scares you with the sensation that something is going to happen

Something that will move the finest hairs in your body and

Disturb the most sensitive fibers of your skin

They are there

They don’t leave

And with them comes a scream of impotence

Of trying to get them out

For them to leave and never return

Like thieves robbing your peace

Your serenity

And your happiness.

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