End of Time

The moon, the sun

Don’t go anywhere

But out of view

Out of sight

Linger there

Same place

Of all time

Casting shadows

Casting light


But my mind.

It takes a while

For it to form

But there’s a doubt

In every yearn

That it shouldn’t be so.

But whoever keeps the moon

Or the sun

Out of touch

And then wonder why

Bad luck has befallen

Is strange like morning dew

If you only knew

I’m thirsty for just a sip of wisdom.

Ranting like a madman

And the seconds count down

No mask

Seems a little risky

Picked a fight with the porter

Got my bags thrown out the window

Out on the street again

Hearing voices

And this is what they said:

“Even if you wonder that it may not be so, it is. And that’s unfortunate because even if you didn’t think so. It was always so. Forever will be- until the end of time.”

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