The coffee tastes bitter

No matter how much sugar you throw in

It will never be sweet enough again

There’s a fragile line between us

Picture perfect

Like trees in the fall

Beautiful but dying

Diluted with time

Like building a snowman in the desert

Try all you want

You’re better off making mud pies with worms in it

At least something there is still alive

Lost. Broken

Like a moth to a flame

You follow the illusion of going home

But instead land on fire

Singe all hope

Singe all desire

Until the light extinguishes

And everything around you is left cold

Not even faith can revive it


Try to put yourself together

All your broken pieces

Along with many others

Into a mosaic

Of anything

Of something real

But how many times can you shatter it

Before it turns to dust

You’re better off anchoring yourself

Like the moon does to the Earth

And just watch people from afar.

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