A Breath of Fresh Air

A fleeting thought

Of happiness

Comes and goes

Then sadness

Void. Uncertainty

A breath of fresh air

Is all I need

I see your eyes and inhale

Exhale. Oxygen

Yes, your eyes


My soul yearns for more

It is so deprived, peek inside of me

Puzzle pieces scattered

Your delicate hands shuffle them around

Happy thoughts now

Your hands are so warm and tender

You completed my heart

Frame it.

Your hair

Light shines on it and my eyes catch a glimpse

Beautiful, graceful

Curls of ecstasy

Inhale, exhale

There’s your eyes again

Evergreen, pools so deep

I drown in them

Intense, desire

Look down

See it

Your neck

Curves in like the valley of my dreams

Into your breasts

Inhale, exhale

They house your heart

ba dum ba dum ba dum

It beats

Drum away, keep beating

For happiness

Thoughts. Fleeting

Ba dum ba dum ba dum

Come back my muse

I must swim with you into your curves

Into the sea of

Eternal bliss

Then we can walk barefoot in the sand

And massage the waves of time and senescence


Happy thoughts

My soul shines when I think of you

Inhale, exhale

I can breathe again

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