I am writing this letter more for me than for you all. I found a broadcast on the radio today and before it slowly faded I heard a Mr. Neville offer food, shelter, and protection. He says he will be at the pier every day at noon and I plan to meet him there. If there is an after life, I hope you can understand that I can only take Sarah. My beloved Sarah, I promised her that I would find her help and I still carry the guilt as close as I carry her urn.

To Jack, my best friend: I know you say that you are not infected but I can’t take that risk even though I want to believe you. This trek will be dangerous and I can only lookout for myself. It’s only a matter of time before the infection takes over your body and you will be gone. The Jack I know will be gone. Thank you for always having my back, I wish I had been able to do that until the end. It really is becoming a pattern that I can’t fulfill any promises or return any favors. You were always the one to lead me and protect me growing up, like a brother. Thank you for always giving me your marbles when I lost mine. I’m sorry for tying you up with Chase and Mark. I promise you they are secure and soon after you die, you will join them and it won’t hurt anymore. All of you can go be whatever it is you are now. I set up a timer for all the locks to unlock as soon as our 40 hit favorites stop playing on the jukebox. Maybe you will all be able to catch a glimpse of the light as you absorb the darkness.

To Chase, the Great: You were the first one to go. It’s amazing that anywhere I went I would somehow run into you. How did we end up working at the firm together? I ran into you in so many bars. It was your idea to set up this playground as you called it for our gang. You set up the jukebox, installed the old arcade, hell you even got a vending machine god knows where. When you first turned, it took Jack, Mark, and I almost an hour to restrain you! Those damn muscles of yours were not all steroids after all. I miss you man. You were always tough, and a great friend. Look out if you can after Jack and Mark. Teach Jack the ropes on your new life and please don’t run into me anymore. That last part is a joke.

To Mark: you are indeed a saint. You knew you got infected and you restrained yourself. Why didn’t you tell us you got bit? No wonder you got so drunk that night and told us all your secrets. Rwanda? Seriously? She was ten years older than you, that’s insane. I’m sorry we couldn’t find any cigarettes and I hope wherever your mind is now, you are taking some good puffs for me too. We never got to smoking that last cuban you had from your collection huh. The fake one that was actually rolled in chinatown. That still cracks me up, I found it after you died. You left it on top of the bathroom medicine cabinet. I just remembered we were both pretty drunk and you said the humidity in the bathroom would keep it safe. Man, you were such a good guy brother why didn’t you say something. I leave you in good company though. Sorry I have to take Sarah with me, I know you had a bit of a high school crush on her, but I know you always gave me the green light.

If anyone that can still read picks up this letter: I recommend making your way to the pier at noon as well. I’m leaving tomorrow as soon as the sun rises. I am taking as much as I can carry in my backpack and I have an extra satchel with some basic necessities. Anything that I leave here you may have. Whatever is of use to you I hope helps you on your journey wherever you go. But like I said, try making your way to the pier too. We had two cars but I don’t have time to make either of them run. But if you know anything about cars take the subaru. That baby was mine, and Sarah’s. We went on so many adventures on her. If for some reason my locks didn’t unlock on my friends. Please just let them be. I’ve seen these type of people turn to dust and wither away. They won’t hurt you. Jack if for whatever reason it’s you reading this, I’m sorry I left you and I hope you can forgive me. If you want to make your trek to where I am going on your own I will tell Mr. Neville or whoever I come across to that you are safe. We can all use a friend at the end of the world.

P.S. My name is John Legend. I am immune to the infection. If you are a scientist or a doctor or have any knowledge of making a vaccine please find me. I volunteer to give whatever you need to help mankind. It’s really strange to call the people infected vampires, stranger to call that even my friends but they do behave like vampires. We found out that garlic is the best to deter any advance from them, and if you can manage to impact a deep wound that won’t heal it will effective kill them. I forgot to mention that I made a garlic suit to take with me. It looks hilarious but hopefully will save my skin. I left extra garlic laying around, take it. The cross doesn’t work on all of them, and certainly not on my friends. If they are still here, just get what you need and make your way here, hopefully. –John Legend

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