My apartment got broken into. They took everything. They took my TV, they took my jewelry, they even took clothing and shoes and furniture and everything was left a mess. I filed a police report but that’s probably where it will end. I don’t have cameras and I don’t have an alarm or any security features. I messed up. My brother had also just told me to at least get the doorbell with the little camera. It makes me mad. The only thing left of real value for me is Bells, my little china doll I have had since I was little. She was lying on the floor beneath piles of random junk I have. Her little face was broken. Half of it was laying on the floor. The bells that were fixed in her hair were missing. I said I was sorry to her, and that I wouldn’t leave her alone ever again. I told her I would fix her.

I googled how to fix her with care and saw something cool Japanese people do called kintsugi. It’s a method of mending pottery together, and they use a sort of glue mixed with gold or silver or even platinum. I don’t have any of the above so I used glue mixed with gold paint and I laid down Bells real carefully on the surgery table. I told her she would be able to see with both eyes again real soon and that I would find her new bells for her to sport. She smiled at me as she always does but with one blue eye and one rosy cheek. I had a hard time holding her delicate face together for the glue to have enough time to stick but it worked! She looks more beautiful than before. The surgery was a success. I found some bells in my Christmas box and made her a new hair pin. She was beaming.

When my boyfriend found out about the break-in he said he could hire a private investigator to help me out and he said he would stay with me. I said no to both. First of all I care about is moving on from what happened, and I’m lucky enough I wasn’t home when it happened. Second, I am actually a total homebody and prefer my solitude over having him stay with me all day. No. Even though he insisted I said no. And he saw Bells, and he said oh you fixed her? And I said yeah what do you think? And he said she’s still creepy as hell. I didn’t think so I said, and we watched a movie and chilled.

When it was time for him to leave I asked him, “Where are you going with her? Give me Bells.”

He said, “What the hell? I didn’t put her there.” Bells was in his gym bag half sticking out.

“Don’t mess with me, she’s already broken as it is. Please let her be.”

I took Bells and sat her on top of a bookshelf.

“Look, I don’t want her to break again. It took me a while to fix her and she’s special.”

“I didn’t touch her. I swear.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later.” I had closed the door on him.

Then in the morning, Bells was gone from her resting spot again and I didn’t remember her moving again. Real funny, I thought, blaming my boyfriend. I found her lying facing up at the ceiling on top of a sweater my boyfriend left. The crack on her face gleamed with the light. Ohh my poor Bells. “What are you doing here silly?” I said. I put her back and got ready for work.

As I was showering, I heard tapping outside the door. Tap. Tap. Tap. I kept showering and I was startled by something break real loud. “What the fuck!” I yelled. I thought my boyfriend had come in unannounced and yelled out to him. I got into my bathrobe and went to check my apartment. A glass shelf I had on the wall was broken on the ground and a picture frame also laid shattered. It was the one with my boyfriend and I at the carnival. His face was distorted by the broken glass and mine was intact and happy. As I was focusing on my face, I heard tapping again and then I heard jingling.

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