There’s this girl that always brings us treats after school. Yesterday she brought us all ice cream and it was delicious ice cream. But when no one commented on her new haircut, she called every single one of us a poor peasant. She said that we should stop mooching off of her.

This wasn’t the first time something like that happened with her though. Once, she bought everyone chips that came with a prize inside. She demanded all the prizes but we all really wanted to keep them. You filthy ungrateful peasants is what she said then. We all really stuck around to see what she would buy us next.

I grew tired of her abuse though, and today I devised a plan. I would follow her. It was after school, and our usual gang left home right away. Usually after she insults us we have about a day or two day cooling period before we talk to her again. I saw her waiting around and then after nobody showed up she walked off. I followed. She walked normally a few blocks and then she started looking around anxiously that I had to dodge out of sight a few times. I realized we weren’t going to the rich houses she described in her stories but instead we were headed toward unpaved roads. I remember thinking, my neighborhood has paved roads.

We finally arrived at a building that almost looked abandoned if it weren’t for the lights turned on inside. It was starting to get dark so it was getting easier to find hiding places to stay out of sight. When I hid behind a dumpster near what appeared to be her house I could see a cart right out front. She seemed very interested in this cart and then I saw her take some paper out that looked like colorful bills and run inside. When I was about to leave I saw a man come out of the house and grab the cart and push it in my direction.

“Hi there, would you like a hot dog?” He said.

“No thank you sir. Do you know Anna?”

“Anna, yes my daughter. Go ahead she’s inside. Here wait, let me make you a hot dog.”

“No it’s okay sir, I have to go.” I ran home.

The next day I told everyone that her dad sold hot dogs and that she stole from him.

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