Seeking Shelter

I don’t remember exactly when it happened. Maybe when I was born. Because when I was born they said a hurricane hit the city like they’ve never seen before. That could have been the first time subconsciously.

The real first time I can recall possibly being the first time was when I was in fifth grade. We were on a school trip to see the Grand Canyon and a group of bullies thought it would be funny to shove me down the canyon. It felt like an endless drop until I could see the bottom and I remember pushing out my hands and being enveloped in a gust of wind and sand. I landed on my back safely. I was picked up by a baffled rescue team and made the record for longest jump survived without a parachute.

After that incident, I was a freak- an outcast. Chaos would ensue if you were around me. I didn’t have friends and the truth is I didn’t care. I learned to control the wind to protect myself from the world. At least that was the plan.

Fast forward to college. I was at a party with the girl I like. Well not with her, but she was there. Green eyes, black hair, hips for days, and I’m mesmerized by her because it is a pool party and she’s wearing a black string bikini. I’m with a friend who was more of an acquaintance, and I tell him, “You see that girl over there? I’m going to marry her.” And as soon as I say that a real punky looking guy with a bandana around his pineapple head swoops in and starts making out with her. My acquaintance laughs and says, “Well you better get his tongue out first before you do that.” “I have to pee.” I said.

Nearby there was a Co-op housing unit with a ladder that gave access to the roof. I climbed it and as I passed every rung, the day became darker and darker but when I got to the top I could see that people were still partying. I pointed at the party extending out my arm, thunder roared and lightning tore the sky. I pointed my palm upward and closed it into a fist. The sky opened and a black tornado crashed down and tore the party and everything around it to bits.

Then I came here Professor. I heard you could help me.

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