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El Paso Blues

In the city I grew up in There’s a mountain I like to drive through At night And see All the lights Wondering What’s going on Inside of each Including yours What are you up to Are you happy Are you sad And as the mountain Winds down I picture running Through a barrier Just … Continue reading “El Paso Blues”

La Mort

Once upon a time, A black crow landed at my feet It was able to speak A language I couldn’t understand It spoke very animated I wish I could comprehend What the little bird was trying to say Its voice had the soothing liasion of the French But spoke with the power of the German … Continue reading “La Mort”

The Stars Align

I left a hint for you in the stars Maybe you can go and take a look I asked the moon to dim her reflection So you could see everything better Stop and think with your heart You will start to see it eventually Oh I can’t wait till you do Unless I die of … Continue reading “The Stars Align”

Canyons and Dreams

Mere words can’t Explain or Show how much She haunts me Age and reason Grant me the only Energy to overcome Madness Every moment I lose her I think of why I Fell so hard You believe me right? Or even if you don’t, Understand there are Canyons And dreams I’d cross Nothing can stop … Continue reading “Canyons and Dreams”


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