Infinite Light

There’s a shadow there

At the bottom of my head

It lingers, mocking me

Doesn’t follow my every move

Dances instead at its own will

I stare it down

Does it stare back?

Or does it live at its own beat

Do I perceive everything wrong


Friendly shadows don’t exist

I followed you

You closed your fist and

I closed mine

You jumped in front of trains

and I followed

Not for love

Not free will

But it was when that light

Infinite and bright

Shined on me

That every shadow

Scattered away

Don’t ask me if I care.


When I’m dead,

Burn me to ashes

So I spread

In the wind

And land in the mouths

Of my enemies

Spit me out

Reborn in the soil

Even stronger

Come back and haunt you

Like a polaroid

Shake me

and I will reveal.

Even awake I dream of stupid things. Things that happen randomly. Sorrow, grief, mourning the day that is gone as I’m shuffling my feet closer to death, wanting to crawl instead.

Nobody wins at the finish line.